Business to business


Templatemaker rents out square pixels to advertisers! Your advertisment can be placed in the flow of the front page, or be displayed on a template detail page.

The columns on the front page are 360px wide. I charge €0.10 per click. The advertisement can be a PNG, JPEG or SVG image that is provided by you.

Templates on your own site

For a fee of €5,- per template per month(*), your website can provide custom templates to it’s visitors by using the Templatemaker API. Contact me to get access to the API.

The API provides:

(*) with a minimum of €15 per month and €25,- initial set-up cost.

Sponsor a new template

New templates usually take more then a day to create. If you feel my site lacks an important template, then you can consider sponsoring one! In return for a compensation of the hours I work on the template, I mention your name and URL alongside the template.

Templates for professionals

Also in the, ahum, templatemaker universe: Extra templates, especially made for commercial production with lots of extra options, like registration marks, nesting and precise control over the line styles.