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Cake Slice Box


A piece of cake. Quite literally. A wedge-shaped box that can be used to store pieces of cake. The box consists of an upper and a lower part. The upper part is the cover. The lower part, the tray, does not need glue because it will be locked by the cover. By default, the cover is 5% larger then the tray but this can be adjusted in the expert settings. The angle is a measure for how big a piece of cake can fit in. Look in the figure if you don‘t know what to enter here. For example, an angle of 30º is large enough for 1 piece from a 12-piece cake. The length is the length of the piece, which should be about half the diameter of the complete cake. But, be sure to add quite some allowance here.

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File format

* Tiles: chop up a large template into smaller tiles. Output is always PDF and you must choose a paper-size. (Experimental)


Preview of the final ‘cakeslicebox’ template


Gallery item from the CAKE SLICE BOX gallery

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