True single-stroke-font text creator

For use in CAD/CAM, Desktop (cutting) Plotters, Laser Cutting and 3D-animation, it’s handy to have text that consists of only one single stroke. These fonts do practically not exist, but this tool gives you an SVG-file with the text you need as single line curves a.k.a. stroke fonts.

The concept of this is identical to Hershey-text. Hershey-text is used a lot in engraving but consists of straight stroke segment, giving it a jagged look.

Enter the text you need in the input field below. Use enters to start on a new line. Press download to download a SVG file.

Download SVG



  • This web application uses font-definitions made by Shriinivas, intended originally for use with Inkscape.
  • The ‘Square’ and 'Script‘ fonts are adapted by Shriinivas from the Square Grotesk and Pinyon Script available under Open Font License on
  • AnnBam based on a blog-entry by Ian Taylor. ( which, in turn, is based on Ann Camp's “Pen Lettering”
  • Multicolore font, adaption of Multicolore font by Ivan Filipov. (With permision)