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كيس تسوّق

صندوق مع غطاء

صندوق شريحة الكيك

قطعة من الكيك. حرفيًا! صندوق يمكن استخدامه للتخزين.

صندوق بطاقة


Cone (mitered)

A cone mitered by two planes at a custom angle. These mitering angles must be quite small. If the template looks really weird, check these mitering angles. ( Only circular and elliptical cone-sections are allowed. Parabolic and hyperbolic cross sections are not possible with this template.) The top- and bottom miter angles lie within the same plane: the “twist“ parameter as present in the mitered cylinder is not (yet) implemented.

مخروط (مبتور)

منضدة العرض

أو مساحة تخزين مفتوحة. صندوق مفتوح ومقطوع لتخزين أو عرض المنتجات. مُصمم بشكل مثالي لتخزين البطاقات والمنتجات الصغيرة.

Curved Box

Box with curved sides. The value for curve size can be either positive or negative. You can enter any value, but do not make the curve too large, or the box will break or buckle when folded. Be aware that the Length and the Width do not take the curve size into account.

اسطواني مائل

صندوق بيضاوي


مادة للتغليف, مُصممة لإحتواء جسم مسطّح مثل رسالة أو بطاقة.

صندوق الإنفجار!

صندوق حجر كريم

صندوق هدية

Heart Shaped Box

The measurements are different to standard boxes because of the way the heart is modelled. It is made from an ellipse, which is rotated, cut in half vertically and then mirrored.

The “Length” measures between the two sharp corners of the heart. The width is calculated by the program to match the rotation (tilt) and shape of the ellipse. (Think of the shape as the ”Body Mass Index” of the heart).

The box consists of a base and a lid. Each part has two heart shaped “caps“: the smallest one goes on the inside, the larger one goes on the outside to conceal the ugly-looking glue flaps. It‘s easiest to glue the heart-shaped caps instead of the glue flaps. The ”Paper Thickness” parameter is only used for making the outside hearts larger then the inside.

ظرف بريد

علبة كبريت

علبة حليب

صندوق متعدد الورق

Nestable Tray

A basic tray with glued sides and a draft angle. Use 0º if you want a straight sides, but use a larger value if you want trays that can be stacked into eachother.

The length and width are measured at the top, so when you use a non-zero draft angle, the dimensions at the bottom will be smaller.

Because of the draft angle, the trays can be nested. This makes this model ideal as an organizer for storing small items. LEGO®, for example.

If you choose a too large value for the draft angle or a too small value for the height, the draft angle will be adjusted.

متوازي الأضلاع

إطار صور

صندوق شكل مخدة

صندوق متعدد الأضلاع

هرم متعدد الأضلاع

صندوق متعدد الأضلاع مع غطاء

صندوق هرمي

صندوق معيّن مع غطاء

صندوق دائري

Shallow Box

A simple box like the Card Box and the Gift Box. This template is very economical for boxes that have small height compared to both the width and the height, for example a box for a tart or a pizza. will try adjust “impossible” values, be aware of this when, for example, the thumb hole or glue flaps have dimensions that you don't expect.

مكعب سوما

شكل كروي


صندوق شكل نجمة

مجسمات افلاطونية

صندوق شبه منحرف


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