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A typical paper bag that can be stored completely flat. This template can be used to create both a slick little goodie bag or a large grocery bag. This design is also used a lot for gift wrapping wine bottles. The top of the bag is folded for reinforcement.

Caixa com tampa

A box with lid, for example a shoe box or a board game box. Length, Width and Height are all inner dimensions.

For ease of use, Clearance is set as a percentage. The Length and Width will be scaled by this amount.

Caixa fatia de bolo

A triangle-shaped box that can be used to store pieces of cake.

The box consists of an upper and a lower part. The upper part is the cover. The lower part, the tray, does not need glue because it will be locked by the cover.

By default, the cover is 5% larger then the tray but this can be adjusted in the expert settings.

The angle is a measure for how big a piece of cake can fit in. Look in the figure if you don‘t know what to enter here. For example, an angle of 30º is large enough for 1 piece from a 12-piece cake. The length is the length of the piece, which should be about half the diameter of the complete cake. But, be sure to add quite some allowance here.

Caixa para baralho

Uma caixa longa e fina. Perfeita para barrinhas de chocolate, baralho etc. As medidas padrão são ideais para um conjunto de cartas de baralho normais, padrão europeu.


Coffin or Casket shaped box for Halloween, decoration or maybe for a deceased pet.

Do you want to serve your ‘trick or treat candy‘ in style? Present the candy in a coffin! This design consists of a box and a lid. Use some extra scotch tape to secure the lid to box, or it might open at midnight… allowing the content to wander around your house. Mwhahahaha!

Cone (mitered)

Um cone truncado (ou 'mitrado').

Este cone é cortado em ângulo na parte superior e na parte inferior. Um ângulo reto comum conta como 0º. Mantenha esses ângulos bem pequenos. Se você não obtiver uma visualização do resultado ou obtiver um resultado muito estranho, verifique primeiro esses ângulos.

(Ou, como seu professor de matemática diria, apenas seções cônicas circulares e elípticas são permitidas. O Modelmaker não pode criar-vos seções parabólicas e hiperbólicas.)

Não é (ainda) possível girar o ângulo entre a superfície superior e inferior em torno do eixo vertical. Portanto torcer, não é possível.

Cone truncado

A cone, optionally with the top cut off. (In that case, it’s called a frustum). Can be used to help create the geometry for a beaker, vase, party-hat or lamp shade. If you'd like a real cone, just use zero for the top-diameter. Tip: do not score or fold the fold line this template to keep seam smooth.

Display de mesa

A tray with the sides cut off at angle that can be used for storing or displaying items.

Curved Box

Caixa com lados curvos. O valor da curvatura pode ser positivo (convexo) ou negativo (côncavo). Qualquer valor pode ser inserido, mas não faça a curvatura muito grande ou a caixa irá rasgar ou quebrar durante a dobra. A caixa será ligeiramente menor do que o comprimento e a largura especificados devido à curvatura.

Cilindro com pontas chanfradas

Tube, pipe, cylinder or toilet roll core. Optionally ‘mitered’, which means it is truncated at an angle. With default settings, this template gives a standard toilet roll. You can also choose to have a ‘mitered’ cylinder, with different miter-angles for the top and the bottom and with a twist between these two. Use these settings if you need to create tubes that are welded (or glued) together at an angle.

Caixa oval

An elliptical or oval shaped box.

This model can be constructed in the same way as the heart-shaped box and the round box.

The template consists of two parts: a base and a top.

Every part consists of a rim and two pieces for each of the caps. One piece is used on the inside and holds the rim in place. Because this looks ugly, an extra piece is placed on the outside to cover the glue flaps.


Classical letter envelope, most often used for personal letters.

Exploding Box

A box consisting of a tray and a lid. The sides of the tray are not glued, but kept together by the lid. Once the lid is removed, the box ‘explodes’ as the sides fall outward.

Gem Stone Box

Gem stone shaped box, consisting of two identical polygonal pyramids, glued together at their bases. It‘s a real box that can used for packaging. It can be stored (and shipped)completely flat. When you pull the two apices (‘tops’) apart, the box will get it‘s full shape. It‘s easiest to glue this shape when both halves are flat. Just fold the glue tabs all the way in an glue the top to the bottom. Just remember not to glue the rounded flaps.

Gift Box

A typical, straight-forward gift box. This box is very similar to the Card Box, but the layout is different. This template makes most efficient use of your sheet of paper if the dimensions are close to eachother. Templatemaker will try to correct impossible values automatically. Be aware of this if, for example, the thumbhole is smaller then you expect.

Heart Shaped Box

Esta caixa em forma de coração tem uma forma especifica de inserir as dimensões.

A forma do coração é criada girando, dividindo e reflectindo a metade duma elipse. O "Comprimento" é medido entre a ponta do coração na parte inferior e o entalhe na parte superior, bem no centro. Você não pode definir a largura por conta própria, mas ela é calculada pelo programa. A 'Rotação' determina o ângulo através do qual a elipse é girada e o parâmetro 'Forma' determina quão fina ou grossa é a elipse. (Pense no IMC ou no 'Índice de Massa Corporal do coração').

A caixa é composta por uma base e uma tampa. Cada parte tem duas extremidades em forma de coração, uma ligeiramente menor que a outra. O menor fica por dentro e força o eixo na devida forma. O maior coloca-se do lado de fora e cobre as bordas adesivas. A 'Espessura do Material' afeta apenas a diferença de tamanho entre as duas extremidades.

Envelope grosso

The mailer is an extra thick envelop that can be used to pack items that are flat, but thicker then just a sheet of paper. It can hold, for example, a pile of cards of a bag of flower seeds. Use a piece of sticky tape to keep the cover in place.

Caixa de fósforo

A simple Tray and Sleeve Box. The dimensions are inner dimensions. The clearance is added twice and to both the height and width. The tray can be assembled without glue, although a little glue won‘t hurt, of course.

Caixa de leite

Tube-shaped box with a gusseted opening. This model will not be water tight if you make it at home, though!

Caixa em várias partes

How annoying that a sheet the size of an A4 or a Letter is so small, isn‘t it? This template allows you to construct much larger boxes by using 6 separate sheets. It takes a bit more glue but you can make a much more impressive box! Use some sturdy material. You might use scavange some old cereals boxes or pizza boxes. Be aware that your desktop printer might need some ”convincing” to accept these.

Nestable Tray

A basic tray with glued sides and a draft angle. Use 0º if you want a straight sides, but use a larger value if you want trays that can be stacked into eachother.

The length and width are measured at the top, so when you use a non-zero draft angle, the dimensions at the bottom will be smaller.

Because of the draft angle, the trays can be nested. This makes this model ideal as an organizer for storing small items. LEGO®, for example.

If you choose a too large value for the draft angle or a too small value for the height, the draft angle will be adjusted.


A three-dimensional figure formed by six parallelograms. This model can also be used to create a simple brick shape or a dice (cube). In that case, keep the angles at 90º.


Passepartout, Photo Frame or Shadow Box. Glue-less, hollow, double-walled tray.Can also be used as box insert.

Create a photo frame for your photo‘s with a posh, wide frame.

Enter the dimension of the “inner space“ (the size of the picture or object to display), together with how thick and wide you‘d like the border of the frame to be. The final model will be larger, because of the width of border of the frame. The model can be constructed without using glue, although a bit of glue won‘t hurt.

When used as an insert, you might not need the inner part.

For assembly instructions, have a look at the YouTube-movie

Caixa travesseiro

A simple, economic yet charming shape for packing items like vouchers, jewelry or clothing. Do not make the pillow pack too thick, or the paper will tear when you fold the ends. Keep the width at least twice as long as the height. Once folded, the width and length will be slightly smaller then the values you entered because of the curvature of the cardboard.

Caixa polígono

Tube-shaped (or prismatic), polygonal box with gusseted, integrated lid.

This box is very decorative and ideal for gift wrapping odd-shaped presents. The lid uses both mountain and valley folds. The glue tabs on the bottom fit together precisely. The lid will fold easier if you remove some material from the place where the five fold lines meet.

The model does not work for 3 or less sides

Piramide de base poligonal

A pyramid shape with custom height and a regular polygon as base.

Caixa poligonal com tampa

This is a prismatic box with a regular polygon as a base. The dimensions determine the geometry of the base. The clearance determines how much the lid is scaled.


A box in the shape of a pyramid. The base of the shapes functions as the lid, so to open it, you would hold it downside up.

The default values yield a pyramid in the same ratio as the Cheops pyramid.

Caixa em formato de losango com tampa

Rhombus (lozenge, or lop sided), prismatic box with lid. The box consist of a base and a lid. The dimensions are given for the base. The lid will be scaled with the given percentage (clearance).

Caixa redonda (caixa para chapéu)

A round, cylindrical box.

This model can be constructed in the same way as the heart-shaped box and the elliptical box.

The template consists of two parts: a base and a top.

Every part consists of a rim and two pieces for each of the caps. One piece is used on the inside and holds the rim in place. Because this looks ugly, an extra piece is placed on the outside to cover the glue flaps.

Shallow Box

Uma das formas de caixa mais simples, ao lado por exemplo, da Caixa de Cartão é da Caixa de Presente.

Esta caixa fornece um resultado econômico (placa de construção, modelo) quando a altura permanece bastante limitada - portanto, uma caixa bastante plana.


Collection of the 7 concave polycubes with 4 or less cubes. These seven pieces together can form the SOMA cube. That is, if you manage to solve the puzzle. The SOMA cube was invented by the Danish mathematician and poet Piet Hein.


The template creates a single segment to create a sphere. You need to print a copy of this template for every segment. (They are all identical) When assembled, together they create a sphere or a globe.

Estrela decorativa

Star-shape with arbitrary thickness and number of points. The generator will create one spike template for every point of the star. The glue flaps are made double, so you can fold them like this: _/\_ (Think 'namaste'!). If you do now want double glue flaps, choose size '0' for the “Odd Flaps”.

Caixa em Forma de Estrela

Have you ever dreamed of just sprinkling stars? ✨Now you can, and you can even hide a present in them! The folds are a bit origami-like, score them well and make sure the star is reasonably thick. “5“ Is the ideal number of points, but fewer or more is certainly possible. Shine!

Sólidos Platônicos

Models of all five so-called Platonic Solids. The Platonic Solids are the five regular convex polyhedra.

The Cube is the most famous one, of course, although he likes to be called “hexahedron” among friends. Also the other platonic solids are named after the number of faces (or hedra) they have. I.e. Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, Icosahedron. (Now you know how to count in classical Greek, too!)

There is only parameter:the diameter of the midsphere. The midsphere is the sphere from the center of the object that touches all the edges exactly in middle.


Also called a trapezoidal prism or a trapezoidagon (just to sound impressive). One typical use for this model is packing pralines. It can be the basis for many shapes, as long as the top and bottom are paralel and oposing sides have equal draft angles. If you use yellow or gold paper, you can use it to make paper ‘gold bars’. (Or gold pressed latinum, if you prefer.)

Inserto de Bandeja

Box insert for thin items. Use this template to create a box insert that locks an item safely in the center of a box. It leaves some extra space for a thumb hole, so it’s easy to retrieve it.

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